Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Hare

A hare - Picture Press
This is a little fakta about the hare.
A hare eats grass.
A hare lives in holes.
A hare can run fast.
A hare has big ears.
A hare can dig.
A hare is brown and white and grey.
A hare can jump high.

Created by Daniel
Elsinore, Denmark

The Hedgehog

A hedgehog - Polfoto
This is a hedgehog.
A hedgehog lives in the woods.
A hedgehog eats worms.
A hedgehog has spikes.
A hedgehog can roll.

Created by Ruqaya, Jacob and Simone
Elsinore, Denmark

The Porpoise

A porpoise and its baby - Polfoto
This is a porpiose.
A porpoise lives in the water.
A porpoise eats fish.
A porpoise has skin.
A porpoise can swim fast.

Written by Malou and Victoria
Elsinore, Denmark

The Mouse

A mouse - Polnature
This is a mouse.
A mouse run fast.
A mouse is little.
A mouse has enemy.
A mouse has a long tail.

Written by Natasa, Olivia and Mads
Elsinore, Denmark

The Cross Spider

A cross spider - Polnature
This is a cross spider.
A cross spider eats flis.
A cross spider has eight foots.
A cross spider lives in the forest.

Written by Gabriel and Tristan
Elsinore, Denmark

The Deer

A deer - Polnature

This is a deer.
A deer lives in the forest.
A deer eats grass.
A deer has fur.

Written by Halil
Elsinore, Denmark

The Mole

Mole - Polfoto

The mole is a mammal.
A mammal gives birth to live young.
The mole lives in Denmark.
It lives underground where it makes underground work.
It eats worms and insects.
People are the mole's worsk enemy, because they don't like molehills.

Written by Markus
Elsinore, Denmark

Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Rabbit

Rabbit - Polfoto
This is a rabbit.
A rabbit lives in a hole.
A rabbit eats vegetables.
A rabbit has fur.
A rabbit can jump high.

Written by Natasja, Christian and Victor.
Elsinore, Denmark

The Swan

Swan family - photo taken by Mr Tickle, Flickr

This is a swan.
It lives in one lake.
A swan eats things from the bottom.
A swan has feathers.
A swan is big.

Written by Natasa, Olivia and Emil
Elsinore, Denmark