Sunday, 11 March 2012

Wild Animals from Poland

Teacher Sabina Jarzmik from Poland and her pupils from Zespół Szkolno-Przedszkolny Szkoła Podstawowa w Potępie in the town Potępa have written about the marmot, the brown bear, the wolf, the Polish pony, the goat and the lynx.
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The Marmot

The marmot - Leo-setÄ Flickr
The marmot has got small ears and a tail. 
It's a mammal. 
It lives in groups. 
Marmots dig burrows. 
It's got dense and grey fur. 
Its main enemy is the eagle. 
When a marmot sees an eagle it whistles loudly. 

Written by Kasia, Martyna, Beata, Daria, Weronika

The Brown Bear

The Brown Bear - Yadis Art Flickr
The brown bear lives in a hard accessible forest. 
It eats berries, mushrooms, honey, acorns, fish and insects. 
It can swim and climb trees. 
It is brown. 
It has got sharp teeth. 
It is very big and it leaves in Polish mountains. 

Written by  Karolina, Natalia, Julia, Mateusz, Natalia

The Wolf

Wolf - Etrusia UK Flickr
The wolf lives in a forest. 
It runs fast. 
It eats meat, birds, eggs, blueberries and seeds. 
The she-wolf feeds the young wolves and the he-wolf wins the food for the family. 
The parents teach the young wolves hunt. 

Written by  Klaudia, Kasia, Dominik, Sara and Patrycja